Quality Development Center

Quality Development Center of School of Economics and Management (SEM) is a young and vigorous organization, established in May 2008 and affiliated to Sub Youth League Committee.

At present, the center consists of four departments: General Affairs Department, Assessment and Training Department, Academic and Science Innovation Department, and Media Publicity Department. Sub Youth League Committee and Quality Development Center implement a "one set of personnel in two sets of teams" structure. Cadres of the center hold two posts, and the minister and vice ministers of each department are the secretary and members of Youth League General Branch of each grade in Sub Youth League Committee. The unique structure makes the work of Sub Youth League Committee more organized and can provide a diversified training platform for students who join the Center.

The functions of departments in Quality Development Center are as follows:

General Affairs Department: overall planning and coordination of quality development work; document arrangement and standards formulation; management work of cadres, archive, internal system and daily affairs; minutes taking and filing; organization of Quality Development Skills Contest and fellowship activities inside and outside the Committee and the Center.

Media Publicity Department: the department is responsible for publicity work for Sub Youth League Committee and quality development, having the closest contact with all departments in the Center. It shows the external image and builds the brand of quality development and is the practice base for college students communication skill. The work of the department includes the design and drawing of display boards and posters, as well as the publicity of the Center through various media. The department also carries out training on iebook (an e-magazine), Photoshop, Corel and other related software.

Academic and Science Innovation Department: the department takes academic innovation as its theme and advocates innovation, cooperation and exchange. The department is mainly responsible for the on-campus selection and training of science and innovation competitions held in SEM over the years: China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competition, BIZSIM (Business Simulation Contest), Student Research Training Program (SRTP), Global Management Challenge (GMC). The department aims to provide opportunities and stage for students who are willing to carry out scientific research and innovation.

Assessment and Training Department: the work of this department can be roughly summarized as "I train you for activities" and "I assess you for activities". The training is mainly aimed at league cadres in freshman classes and all directors in the Center so that students can quickly familiarize with their job responsibilities. At the same time, the department formulates assessment rules for each youth league branch and youth league day activities and organizes defense and commendation meeting. In addition, the department arranges the graduate-undergraduate exchange workshop.