MBA Alumni Association

Relying on the rich alumni resources of SWJTU accumulated over the past 120 years and SEM alumni resources accumulated over the past 30 years, our MBA Alumni Association was founded in 2001, and EMBA Alumni Association was founded in 2012 (later merged into MBA/EMBA Alumni Association), and now an alumni network has been built and the Alumni Association of SEM was officially founded in 2013. The association is under the guidance of SEM and Professional Degree Education Centre. The Alumni Office in charge of contacting alumni and organizing networking activities was built in 2017. Mrs. Zhao Dongmei is the director of Alumni Office and another five staff members assist her in alumni affairs. As of December 2019, the total number of registered members of MBA/EMBA Alumni Association is more than 5,700.

Regular activities are organised by the School and the association for facilitating mutual development. MBA/EMBA alumni database is built for collecting career development information of alumni, and recruitment demands as well as resources of career development. It is a platform to integrate and optimize alumni resources, to support alumni’s further development in study and career, and to support student’s employment. SEM organises regularly entrepreneur forum and invites national and international experts to give lectures. Led by experienced faculty members, enterprise visits and diagnosis are organised by alumni’s enterprises and Professional Degree Education Centre. Suggestions are offered to help alumni enterprise to address and solve problems. Informal activities of alumni, such as group trips, sports games, reading clubs and charity activities, are organised regularly to enhance the communication between alumni.

The School has increasingly realized the important role of alumni and their employers in promoting MBA/EMBA programmes. Corporate Relation Committee and Alumni Association support the School in marketing. They play an important role in marketing by organizing programme presentations in enterprises, business associations and related industrial communities that they are involved in, and by recommending candidates for MBA/EMBA programmes. WeChat groups of alumni in different regions are also created to release the latest news and events of School, as well as the development of programmes to alumni.

Alumni of SEM have been engaging in supporting the School for a long time. In recent three years, funds have been raised for the 120th anniversary of SWJTU, 30th anniversary of SEM and other alumni activities and events. Donations from individuals and alumni enterprises have risen to support the School’s development and offer financial assistance for students in need.