Postgraduate Association of School of Economics and Management
Postgraduate Association of School of Economics and Management (SEMPA)

Date of establishment: 2000

Motto: Be volunteering, be practical and innovative, and strive for excellence.

Mission: Serve students, promote members, and develop oneself.

Objective: Best in Chengdu, unique in Sichuan, and famous in China.

Main projects: Boling Forum, Interviews between Teachers and Students, Workplace Talent Show, Sichuan “Gold Candidate in Simulation Interview” Contest, Sichuan College and University Management Consulting Elite Competition, welcome evening party, freshman basketball match, school journal Economics and Management Frontier and Navigation Mark.

Partner: Intel Corporation, China Mobile Communications Corporation, China Securities, Bank of China, Bank of Chengdu, LuZhouLaoJiao, YOUWE, Kobelco Construction Machinery, Sichuan Jinshayuan Food Co., Ltd.

Part of the awards:

Excellent Graduate Student Union of Southwest Jiaotong University (ten consecutive sessions)

The first prize for the Fourth Gold Candidate in Simulation Interview” Contest

2010 Excellent Organization Award of Graduate Student Forum

The Third Prize for 2010 Southwest Jiaotong University Graduate Students Youth Dance Competition

The Third Prize for 2010 “I Love My Home” Graduate Students Dormitory Culture Festival of Southwest Jiaotong University

The Third Prize for 2010 National English Speech Contest Southwest Jiaotong University Final

The Third Prize for 2011 the Third Southwest Jiaotong University Graduate Students Debate Competition

The First Prize for Graduate Students Publicity Team Evaluation in the first semester of 2010-2011 academic year

2011 Sina MicroBlog “Top 100 Clubs”

2011 Sina MicroBlog Excellent Organization Award

The functions of departments under SEMPA are as follows:

General Service Department: cooperates with the presidium and coordinates the work of departments; meeting minutes taking, document filing, financial statement preparation, goods purchasing and department performance evaluation.

Academic Exchange Department: organizes all kinds of academic exchanges, academic competitions and academic practice activities inside and outside the university; editing of Economics and Management Frontier and other academic journals.

Culture and Media Center: publicizes all kinds of school activities; contacts media on and off campus for coverage of the events; maintains a good long-term relationship with the media both inside and outside the school.

Planning Department: plans all kinds of regular large-scale cultural, entertainment, sports and social practice activities; organizes all kinds of recreational and sports activities, social practices and public welfare activities.

Public Relations Department: keeps good contact with competent departments in charge of student organizations, brother schools and departments, and leaders; establishes good cooperative relationship with enterprises.