HUANG Yuanyuan

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Curriculum Vitae(简历)


Yuanyuan Huang


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Southwest Jiaotong University

School of Economics and Management

Department of Marketing

No.111, North Erhuan Road, Chengdu, China 610031


A. 博士工商管理专业,西安交通大学,2010-2016

B. 硕士工商管理专业,西安交通大学,2009-2010

C. 学士市场营销专业,西安交通大学,2005-2009

A. Ph.D. Business   Administration, Xi’an Jiaotong University, 2010-2016

B. M.S. Business   Administration, Xi’an Jiaotong University, 2009-2010

C. B.S. Marketing, Xi’an Jiaotong University,   2005-2009


A. 讲师, 西南交通大学经济管理学院, 1/2017   – 至今

B. 研究助理, 香港中文大学工商管理学院,5/2012 -   9/2012

A. Assistant   Professor, School of Economic and Management, Southwest Jiaotong University,   1/2017 –Now

B. Research   Assistant, Business School, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 5/2012 - 9/2012



F oreign direct investment   issues in and from emerging economiesPerformance feedback and firm   strategic choices


a) Basic or   Discovery Scholarship学术类

[1] EnXie, Yuanyuan   Huang, Stevens, Charles E.; et al.Performance feedback and outward foreign   direct investment by emerging economy firms [J]. Journal of World   Business,2019, 54(6). (SCI)

[2] 林舒进,庄贵军,黄缘缘.社交媒体导向、社交媒体能力与企业间合作[J].预测,2019,38(02):38-44.

[3] Yuanyuan   Huang, EnXie*, Yu Li, K. S. Reddy. Does state ownership facilitate outward   FDI of Chinese SOEs? Institutional development, market competition, and the   logic of interdependence between governments and SOEs[J]. International   Business Review, 2017, 26(1): 176-188.

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[9] K. S.   Reddy*, EnXie, Yuanyuan Huang. Contractual buyout - A legitimate growth model   in the enterprise development: Foundations and implications[J]. International   Journal of Management and Enterprise Development, 2016, 15(1): 1-23.

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[11] 林舒进, 庄贵军, 黄缘缘. 关系质量、信息分享与企业间合作行为:IT能力的调节作用[J]. 系统工程理论与实践, 2018,   38(3): 643-654.

Shujin   Lin, Guijun Zhuang, Yuanyuan Huang. Relationship quality, information sharing   and cooperative behaviors: Moderating effect of IT capability. Systems   Engineering – Theory & Practice, 2018, 38(3): 643-654. (In Chinese)

[12] 黄缘缘, 谢恩, 庄贵军. 企业国际化扩张的驱动力:国有股权和市场竞争的双重角色[J]. 管理工程学报, 2017,   31(2): 20-28.

Yuanyuan   Huang, EnXie, Guijun Zhuang. The drivers of Chinese firms’ international   market expansion: The dual roles of state ownership and market competition.   Journal of Industrial Engineering/Engineering Management, 2017, 31(2): 20-28.   (In Chinese)

[13] 张涛,黄缘缘, 周筱莲. 从企业内信息共享到供应链企业间信息共享影响策略的中介作用[J]. 商业经济研究, 2015,   26: 97-99.

Tao   Zhang, Yuanyuan Huang, Xiaolian Zhou. From information sharing within a firm   to information sharing among supply chain firms: The mediate effect of   influence strategy. Business Management, 2015, 26: 97-99. (In Chinese)

[14] 谢恩,黄缘缘, 赵锐. 不同维度信任相互作用及对在线购物意愿影响研究[J], 管理科学, 2012,   25(2): 69-77.

EnXie,   Yuanyuan Huang, Rui Zhao. An empirical study on the interactive relationship   of trust dimensions and their impact on online purchase intention. Journal of   Management Science, 2012, 25(2): 69-77. (In Chinese)

[15] 谢恩,黄缘缘, 赵锐. 战略联盟控制机制对于联盟价值创造效率的影响研究[J]. 科学学与科学技术管理, 2012,   33(2): 138-145.

EnXie,   Yuanyuan Huang, Rui Zhao. The impact of control mechanisms in strategy   alliance on value creation. Science of Science and Management of S. & T.,   2012, 33(2): 138-145. (In Chinese)

[16] 黄缘缘, 谢恩, 张涛. 我国电子商务网站FIPs实施现状研究[J]. 管理学报, 2011,   8(8): 1195-1200.

Yuanyuan   Huang, EnXie, Tao Zhang. An study on fair information practices (FIPs) of   China E-commerce websites. Chinese Journal of Management, 2011, 8(8):   1195-1200. (In Chinese)

[17] 张涛, 庄贵军,黄缘缘. 新产品对老产品的替代度[J]. 系统工程, 2010,   28(3): 59-63.

Tao   Zhang, Guijun Zhuang, Yuanyuan Huang. The substitution of new product for old   product. Systems Engineering, 2010, 28(3): 59-63. (In Chinese)

[18] 张涛, 庄贵军,黄缘缘. 营销渠道跨组织信息系统的开发与使用:基于软件工程的框架[J]. 华东经济管理, 2010,   10: 123-125.

Tao Zhang, Guijun   Zhuang, Yuanyuan Huang. Inter-organizational system development in marketing   channel: A framework based on software engineering. East China Economic   Management, 2010, 10: 123-125. (In Chinese)


a) Basic or Discovery Scholarship学术类

[1] 我国企业对外直接投资的区位布局及其绩效影响研究. 国家自然科学基金青年项目,2019~2021(主持)

[1] Location layout   of Chinese firms’ outward foreign direct investment and its impact on firm   performance. National Natural Science Foundation of China for youth,   2019-2021.

[2] 中国企业的海外区位布局及对绩效的影响研究. 教育部人文社科青年项目, 2019   2021(主持人)

[2] The influence   of Chinese firms’ foreign location configuration on performance. Ministry of   Education in China Liberal arts and Social Sciences Foundation for youth,   2019-2021.

[3] 中国企业的多国化研究. 教育部博士研究生学术新人奖项目,2013~2016(主持)

[3]   Multinationality of Chinese firms. Ministry of Education in China Academic   Newcomer Award for Doctoral Candidate Foundation, 2013-2016.

[4] 组织搜索视角下的企业研发行为变革及其绩效影响研究. 国家自然科学基金面上项目,2016~2019(主要参与者).

[4]Firm R&D   behavior change and its impact on performance: Based on organizational search   perspective. National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2016-2019 (Main   participant).

[5] 市场规制与社会关系共演条件下中国企业的创新能力成长问题研究. 国家自然科学基金海外及港澳学者合作研究基金,2015~2016(主要参与者)

[5] Innovation   capacities growth of Chinese firms under the co-evolution condition of   Market-based rules and social relations. Joint Research Fund for Oversea   Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao Scholars of National Natural Science Foundation   of China, 2015-2016 (Main participant)

[6] 基于供应商网络治理的企业双元创新及其绩效影响研究. 国家自然科学基金面上项目,2012~2015(主要参与者).

[6]   Ambidexterity innovation and firm performance: Based on a perspective of   supplier network governance. National Natural Science Foundation of China,   2012-2015 (Main participant).



a) Basic or   Discovery Scholarship学术类

l Service   on editorial boards or committees在学术期刊的编委中任职

[1] International   Journal of Comparative Management》编委,2017-至今

[1] Service   on editorial committees of International Journal of Comparative Management,   2017-present.

l Research   awards学术获奖

[1] 双向路径选择下我国企业对外直接投资的绩效研究:基于战略要素市场和制度视角”, 2017年获得国际商务学会中国分会2017年年会最佳会议论文,第一获奖人

[1]   “Under the Dual Paths Choice: Outward Foreign Direct Investment and   Performance of Chinese Firms”, Best paper award of Academy of International   Business & China Branch Meeting, 1st winner, 2017. (In Chinese)

[2] 中国企业的多国化研究”, 2012年获得教育部博士研究生学术新人奖,第一获奖人

[2]   “Multinationality of Chinese Firms”, Academic Newcomer Award for Doctoral   Candidate of Ministry of Education in China, 1st winner, 2012. (In Chinese)

[3] 陕西省装备制造企业的供应商网络治理与自主创新研究”, 2014年获得陕西高等学校科学技术奖一等奖, 第五获奖人

[3]   “Research on Supplier Network Governance and Independent Innovation of   Equipment Manufacturing Enterprises in Shaanxi Province”, First prize of   Shaanxi universities science and technology award, 5th winner. (In Chinese)

l Conference   (with presentation) 受邀参会并作报告

[1] “区位布局如何影响中国企业OFDI和绩效之间的关系?国际商务学会中国分会2018年年会, 中国上海, 20185.

[1] “How   location layout impacts the relationship between Chinese firms’ OFDI and   performance?” Academy of International Business & China Branch 2018 Meeting,   May 2018, Shanghai, China. (In Chinese)

[2] “双向路径选择下我国企业对外直接投资的绩效研究:基于战略要素市场和制度视角”, 国际商务学会中国分会2017年年会, 中国北京, 201711.

[2]   “Under the dual paths choice: Outward foreign direct investment and   performance of Chinese firms”, Academy of International Business & China   Branch 2017 Meeting, November 2017, Beijing, China. (In Chinese)

[3]   “Performance feedback and outward direct investment by emerging economy   firms”, Academy of Management Annual Meeting (AOM), August 2016, Anaheim,   USA.

[4]   “Performance feedbacks, munificence, and multinational expansion of   emerging-market firms”, Academy of Management Annual Meeting (AOM), August   2013, Orlando, USA.

[5] “Collective relationality, and partner   selection”, Academy of Management Meeting (AOM), August 2014, Philadelphia,   USA.




PostgraduateStrategy   and Operation Management

Undergraduate:   Promotion and Advertising Management, Product and Brand Management, Marketing   Channel