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LI Congcong

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Curriculum Vitae(简历)


Li Congcong


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Southwest Jiaotong University

School   of Economics and Management

Fax: +86   -28-87600543

Department   of Information System

No.111, North Erhuan Road, Chengdu, China 610031

EDUCATION   (教育背景)

A. 博士管理科学,四川大学, 2015-2018

B. 博士数据科学与计算智能,格拉纳达大学,2015-2018

C. 硕士管理科学与工程, 四川大学, 2012-2015

D. 学士信息管理与信息系统, 河北科技师范学院, 2008-2012

A. Ph.D. Business   Management, Sichuan University, 2015-2018

B. Ph.D. Data Science and   Computational Intelligence, University of Granada, 2015-2018

C. MasterManagement Science and Engineering, Sichuan University, 2012-2015

D. BachelorInformation Management and Information System, Hebei   Normal University of Science and Technology, 2008-2012


A. 讲师, 西南交通大学经济管理学院, 2019–至今

AAssistant Professor, Southwest Jiaotong   University, 2019 -now



Group Decision Method and Application, Public Opinion   Dynamics


a) Basic or Discovery Scholarship学术类

[1] Li   Congcong, Rodriguez Rosa M., Martinez Luis, Dong Yucheng*, Herrera   Francisco*, Consensus building with individual consistency in group decision   making, IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, DOI: 10.1109/TFUZZ.2018.2856125.   (SCI, IF=8.415)

[2] Li   Congcong, Dong Yucheng*,Francisco Herrera*, A consensus large-scale   linguistic group decision making with a feedback based on clustered   personalized individual semantics and opposing consensus groups, IEEE   Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, DOI: 10.1109/TFUZZ.2018.2857720. (SCI,IF=8.415)

[3] Wu   Yuzhu, Li Congcong, Chen Xin, Dong Yucheng*. Group decision making based on   linguistic distributions and hesitant assessments: Maximizing the support   degree with an accuracy constraint. Information Fusion, 41 (2018) 151160.   (SCISSCI 双检,   IF=6.639)

[4] Li   Congcong, Rodriguez Rosa M., Martinez Luis, Dong Yucheng*, Herrera   Francisco*, Personalized individual semantics based on consistency in   hesitatn linguistic group decision making with comparative linguistic   expressions, Knowledge-Based Systems, 145 (2018) 156-165. (SCI, IF=4.396)

[5] Li   Congcong, Rodriguez Rosa M., Martinez Luis, Dong Yucheng*, Herrera   Francisco*, Consistency of hesitatn fuzzy linguistic preference relations: An   interval consistency index, Information Sciences, 432 (2018) 347-361. (SCI,   IF=4.305)

[6] Li   Congcong, Dong Yucheng*, Herrera Francisco*, Herrera-Viedma Enrique, Martinez   Luis, Personalized individual semantics in computing with words for   supporting linguistic group decision making. An application on consensus   reaching. Information Fusion, 33 (2017) 29-30. (SCI, IF= 6.639 ESI 高被引论文)

[7] Dong   Yucheng*, Li Congcong, Herrera Francisco*, Connecting the linguistic   hierarchy and the numerical scale for the 2-tuple linguistic model and its   use to deal with hesitant unbalanced linguistic information. Information   Sciences, 367 (2016) 259-278. (SCISSCI双检, IF=4.305ESI高被引论文)

[8] Dong   Yucheng*, Li Congcong, Chiclana Francisco, Herrera-Viedma Enrique,   Average-case consistency measurement and analysis of interval-valued   reciprocal preference relations, Knowledge-Based Systems, 114 (2016) 108-117.   (SCI, IF=4.529)

[9] Liang   Haiming, Li Congcong, Dong Yucheng*, Jiang Yanping, The fusion process of   interval opinions based on the dynamics bounded confidence, Information   Fusion, 29 (2016) 112-119. (SCI SSCI 双检, IF=6.639)

[10]Liang   Haiming, Dong Yucheng*, Li Congcong. Dynamic of uncertain opinion formation:   An agent-based simulation. JASSS-The Journal of Artificial Societies and   Social Simulation, 19(4) 1, 2016. (SSCI, IF=0.992)

[11]Dong   Yucheng*, Li Congcong, Xu Yinfeng, Gu Xin, Consensus-based group decision   making under multi-granular unbalanced 2-tuple linguistic preference   relations, Group Decision and Negotiation, 24(2) (2015) 217-242. (SSCI,   IF=1.869)ESI 高被引论文

[12]Dong   Yucheng*, Li Congcong, Francisco Herrera*, An optimization-based approach to   adjusting unbalanced linguistic preference relations to obtain a required   consistency level, Information Sciences, 292 (2015) 27-38. (SCI, IF=4.305)

[13]Dong   Yucheng*, Chen Xia, Li Congcong, Hong Wei-Chiang, Xu Yinfeng, Consistency   issues of interval pairwise comparison matrices, Soft Computing, 19(8) (2015)   2321-2335. (SCI, IF=2.637)

[14]Li   Congcong, Dong Yucheng*, Multi-attribute group decision making methods with   proportional 2-tuple linguistic assessments and weights, International   Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems, 7(4) (2014) 758-770. (SCI,   IF=1.14)

[15]Li   Congcong, Dong Yucheng*, Unbalanced linguistic approach for venture   investment evaluation with risk attitudes, Progress in Artificial   Intelligence, 3(1) (2014) 1-13. EI


a) Basic   or Discovery Scholarship学术类

[1] 群体决策中偏好演化与关系操纵模型及应用研究(No. 71871149),国家自然科学基金面上项目,2019.01-2022.12,参与人

[2] 舆情引导过程的动力学模型、策略优化及应用研究(No. 71571124),国家自然科学基金面上项目,2016.01-2019.12,参与人

[3] 基于语言个体性的群体决策模型及应用研究(No. 71171160),国家自然科学基金面上项目,2012.01-2015.12,参与人

[1] Research on Model and Application of   Preference Evolution and Relationship Manipulation in Group Decision. National   Natural Science Foundation of China, Reference No.71871149, 2019.01-2022.12,   Investigator.

[2] Research on Dynamic Model, Strategy   Optimization and Application of Public Opinion Guidance Process. National   Natural Science Foundation of China, Reference No.71571124, 2016.01-2019.12,Investigator.

[3] Research on Group Decision Model and   Application Based onLanguage Individuality. National Natural Science   Foundation of China, Reference No.71171160, 2012.01-2015.12, Investigator.