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Curriculum Vitae(简历)


Ying   Dai

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Southwest Jiaotong University

School of Economics and Management

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Department of Information System

No.111, North Erhuan Road, Chengdu, China 610031



A. 博士管理科学与工程,西南交通大学, 2006

B. 硕士管理科学与工程,重庆大学, 2000

C. 学士工业工程,重庆大学,1997


A. Ph.D. Management Science   and Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University, 2006

B. M.S. Management Science   and Engineering, Chongqing University, 2000

C. B.S. Industrial Engineering, Chongqing University,   1997



A. 教授, 西南交通大学经济管理学院, 7/2012   –

B. 博士后, 复旦大学管理科学与工程博士后流动站, 1/2009   -5/2011

C. 副教授, 西南交通大学经济管理学院, 7/2006   - 6/2012

D. 访问学者, 香港中文大学系统工程与工程管理学系,   11/2005- 1/2005

E. 访问学者, 香港理工大学物流与航运学系,   1/2005- 4/2005

F. 讲师, 西南交通大学经济管理学院,   7/2002- 6/2006

G. 助教, 西南交通大学经济管理学院, 4/2000   - 6/2002


A. Postdoctoral Researcher, Postdoctoral   Research Station of Management Science and Engineering, Fudan University,   1/2009 to 5/2011

B. Associate Professor, School of Economics   and Management, Southwest Jiaotong University, 7/2006 to 6/2012

C. Visiting Scholar, Department of System   Engineering and Engineering Management, Chinese University of Hongkong,   11/2005 to 1/2005

D. Visiting Scholar, Department of Logistics   and Marine, Polytechnic University of Hongkong1/2005 to 4/2005

E. Lecturer, School of Economics and   Management, Southwest Jiaotong University, 7/2002 to 6/2006

F. Teaching   Assistant, School of Economics and Management, Southwest JiaotongUniversity,   4/2000 to 6/2002




Logistics and Supply Chain Management,   Emergency Management


a) Basic or   Discovery Scholarship学术类

[1] Zu-Jun Ma, Ke-Ming Wang, Ying Dai. An   Emergency Blood Allocation Approach Considering Blood Group Compatibility in   Disaster Relief Operations. International Journal Of Disaster Risk Science,   2019,10(1): 74-88. (SCI)

[2] Zu-Jun   Ma, Shu Hu, Ying Dai, Yu-Sen Ye. Pay-as-you-throw versus recycling fund   system in closed-loop supply chains with alliance recycling. International   Transactions in Operational Research, 2018, 25(6): 1811-1829

[3] Ying   Dai, Nian Zhang, Zu-Jun Ma. MAGDM method based on interval grey linguistic   correlated ordered geometric operators. Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy   Systems, 2018, 35: 3115-3123

[4] Zu-Jun   Ma, Qin Zhou, Ying Dai, Jiuh-BiingSheu. Optimal Pricing Decisions under the   Coexistence of “Trade Old for New” and “Trade Old for Remanufactured”   Programs. Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation   Review, 2017, 106: 337-352

[5] Zujun   Ma, Yao Wu, Ying Dai. A combined order selection and   time-dependent vehicle routing problem with time widows for perishable   product delivery. Computers and Industrial Engineering, 2017, 114:   101-113

[6] Zujun   Ma, Nian Zhang, Ying Dai, Shu Hu. Managing Channel Profits of Different   Cooperative Models in Closed-Loop Supply Chains. Omega, 2016, 59(Part B):   251-262

[7] Shu Hu,   Ying Dai, Zu-Jun Ma, Yu-Sen Ye. Designing contracts for a reverse supply   chain with strategic recycling behavior of consumers. International Journal   of Production Economics, 2016, 180: 16-24

[8] Yu-Sen   Ye, Zu-Jun Ma, Ying Dai. The price of anarchy in competitive reverse supply   chains with quality-dependent price-only contracts. Transportation Research   Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, 2016, 89: 86-107

[9] Zu-Jun   Ma, Nian Zhang, Ying Dai. A novel SIR method for multiple attributes group   decision making problem under hesitant fuzzy environment. Journal of   Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems, 2014, 26(5): 2119-2130

[10] Zujun   Ma, Nian Zhang, Ying Dai. Some induced correlated aggregating operators with   interval grey uncertain linguistic information and their application to   multiple attribute group decision making. Mathematical Problems in   Engineering, Volume 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/160610

[11] Dai   Ying, Ma Zujun. An Empirical Research on Consumers' Behavior of Recycling   WEEE in China. Journal of Information and Management,2011,31(4): 131-139


a) Basic or   Discovery Scholarship学术类

[1] 马祖军,代颖,王恪铭.《非常规突发事件应急血液保障理论与方法》.北京:科学出版社,2015

[2] 代颖,马祖军.《废旧家电回收处理体系及管理机制》.北京:科学出版社,2010

[1] Zujun   Ma, Ying Dai, Keming Wang. Theory and Methods for Emergency Blood Supply in   Unconventional Emergencies. The Science Press, Beijing, 2015.

[2] Ying   Dai, Zujun Ma. WEEE Recycling System and Its Management Mechanism. The   Science Press, Beijing, 2010.


a) Basic or Discovery Scholarship学术类

[1] 电器电子产品逆向/闭环供应链的政府规制与协调研究,国家自然科学基金(青年项目),2012.1-2014.12,项目编号:71103149,主持。

[2] 促进循环经济发展的废旧家电回收处理体系及管理机制研究,国家社会科学基金(青年项目),2007.7-2009.9,项目编号:07CJY019,主持。

[1] “Governmental   regulations and coordination in reverse/closed-loop supply chains for   electrical and electronic products”, National Natural Science Foundation of   China, 2012.1-2014.12, Grant No. 71103149, Principal Investigator.

[2] “WEEE   Recycling System and Its Management Mechanism under circular economy”,   National Social Science Foundation of China, 2008.1-2010.12, Grant No.   07CJY01, Principal Investigator.


a) Basic or   Discovery Scholarship学术类

l Participation   in recognized academic societies and associations在学术组织/协会中任职或起到重要作用

[1] 担任中国物流学会常务理事 2013.11至今

[1] Standing director of China   Society of Logistics (CSL), 2013-present

l Research   awards学术获奖

[1] 非常规突发事件应急血液保障理论与方法2017年获得四川省第十七次社会科学优秀成果二等奖, 第二获奖人

[2] 震后应急物资配送系统集成优化问题研究2014年获得四川省第十六次社会科学优秀成果二等奖, 第二获奖人

[3] 废旧家电回收处理体系及管理机制”,2012年获得四川省第十五次哲学社会科学优秀成果三等奖, 第一获奖人

[1] Emergency blood   supply theory and methods for unconventional emergencies”, the second prize of philosophy social sciences   research achievements of Sichuan province, the 2ed winner, 2017.

[2] “Integrated optimization of   post-earthquake emergency logistics systems”, second prize of philosophy   social sciences research achievements of Sichuan province, the 2ed   winner, 2014.

[3] WEEE Recycling   System and Its Management Mechanism”, the third   prize of philosophy social sciences research achievements of Sichuan   province, the 1st winner, 2012.

b) Teaching   &Learning Scholarship教学类

l Obtain   honors and rewards related to teaching and learning activities取得与教学相关的荣誉及奖励

[1] 培养国际化、工程化和差异化的管理创新人才,四川省教学成果,三等奖,2009, 第四获奖人

[1] “Cultivate Innovative Talents with   Internationalization & Differentiation in Management”, The 3rd   prize for teaching achievement in Sichuan province, 2009, the 4thwinner






PostgraduateLogistics and Supply Chain ManagementPrinciple   and Application of ERP

UndergraduateEnterprise   Resource Planning