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LI Yiyuan

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Curriculum Vitae(简历)


Li Yiyuan


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Southwest   Jiaotong University

Fax:+86   -28-87600543

School   of Economics and Management

Department   of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management   /

No.111,   North Erhuan Road, Chengdu, China 610031

EDUCATION   (教育背景)

A. Ph.D.Southwest University,   China, 2013

B. M.A. Southwest University, China, 2006

C. B. A. Southwest Normal   University, China, 2001


A. Assistant   Professor, School of Economics and Management, Southwest Jiaotong University,   07/2013-now

A. Assistant Professor, Department of Applied   Psychology, Mianyang Normal University, 07/2006 to 06/2013


Consumer Behavior, Emotion and   Altruism, Cognitive Neuroscience


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[18]Yiyuan Li, Qimei Chen*, Shan Gao, and   Dezhong Yao*. The Neural Correlates Underlying the impacts of Well-being on   Consumer Purchase Intention. (Preparing)


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[1] “A   Developmental and Mechanism Study on Disaster-Altruism”, The National Natural   Science Foundation of China, NSFC-31300861, 2014-2016, Principal   Investigator.

[2] “The   Mental Mechanism of Children’s Altruism in Disaster Zone of 2008 earthquake”,   The Key Research Base of Philosophy and Social Sciences of Sichuan Province,   China, SCXL-82014, 2008-2010, Principal Investigator.

[3] “The influence mechanism of consumer   sentiment on satisfaction and brand loyalty in online giveaway promotion”.   The Ministry of education of Humanities and Social Science project   (18XJA630001), 2018- 2021CO-Principal   Investigator.


Consumer behavior


Organizational   Behavior and Human Resource Management