Engineering and Operation Management
YE Meng

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Department of Engineering and Operation

No.111, North Erhuan Road, Chengdu, China 610031


A. 博士房地产及建设管理系,香港大学, 2015-2019

B. 硕士技术经济及管理, 重庆大学, 2012-2014

C. 学士财务管理, 重庆大学,2008-2012

D. 访学英国里丁大学建设管理与工程学院,2017-2018

A. Ph.D. Department of Real Estate and Construction,   University of Hong Kong, 2015-2019

B. Master Techno-economics and   Management, Chongqing University, 2012-2014

C. Bachelor Financial Management, Chongqing   University, 2008-2012

D. Visiting studentSchool of Built   EnvironmentUniversity of Reading, 2017-2018 (5 months)


A. 副教授, 西南交通大学经济管理学院, 2020 –  

A. AssociateProfessor,   School of Economics and Management, Southwest Jiaotong University, 2020–



Corporate social responsibility (CSR),   diversification, environmental management, content analysis and text mining,   strategic management


a) Basic or   Discovery Scholarship学术类

[1] Xu, J.,   Lu, W.*,Ye, M., Webster, C., and Xue, F. 2020. An anatomy of waste generation   flows in construction projects using passive bigger data [J].Waste   Management, forthcoming.

[2] Chi, B.,   Lu, W.,Ye, M.*, Bao, Z. and Zhang, X. 2020. The effects of a green building   rating system on construction waste minimization: LEED in the US and China   [J].Journal of Cleaner Production. Forthcoming.

[3] Xu, J.*,   Lu, W.,Ye, M., Xue, F., Zhang, X., and Lee, B. 2020. Is the private sector   more efficient? An analysis of construction waste management sectoral   efficiency by using big data [J].Resources, Conservation and Recycling.   Forthcoming.

[4] Ye, M.*,   Lu, W., Flanagan, R., and Chau, K. 2019. Corporate social responsibility   ‘glocalisation’: evidence from international construction business   [J],Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, 27(2):   655–669.

[5] Lu,   W.,Ye, M.*, Chau, K.W., Flanagan, R. 2018. The paradoxical nexus between   corporate social responsibility and sustainable financial performance:   Evidence from the international construction business [J].Corporate Social   Responsibility and Environmental Management, 25(5): 844-852.

[6] Xu, J.*,   Lu, W., Xue, F., Chen, K.,Ye, M., Wang, J. and Chen, X. 2018. Cross-boundary   collaboration in waste management research: A network analysis   [J].Environmental Impact Assessment Review. 73: 128-141.

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[10] Xiong,   B.*, Lu, W., Skitmore, M., Chau, K., andYe, M.2016. Virtuous nexus between   corporate social performance and financial performance: A study of   construction enterprises in China [J].Journal of Cleaner Production, 129:   223-233.



a) Basic or Discovery Scholarship学术类

[1] 适用于建筑废料筛选分类设施检测惰性成分的大数据“人工智能”模型,香港环境及自然保育基金,2020-202248.5万港币,编号ECF 111/2019,参与。

[2] 大数据背景下我国大型城市资源环境承载力评价与政策研究-子课题二:大数据在大型城市资源环境承载力评价及政策研究中的应用,国家社会科学基金重大项目,2017-2020,编号17ZDA062,参与。

[1] Big data "artificial intelligence" model   for detectinginert components in construction waste screening and   classification.Hong Kong Environment and Conservation Fund, 2020-2022, HK$ 485,000, ECF 111/2019,   participant.

[2] Evaluation and Policy Research on the Resource and   Environmental Carrying Capacity of China's Large Cities under the Background   of Big Data-sub project: The application of big data in the evaluation and   policy research of the resource and environment carrying capacity of large   cities,The National Social Science Fund of China, 2017-2020, Reference No. 17ZDA062,   participant.



a) Basic or   Discovery Scholarship学术类

Ÿ Conference   (with presentation) 受邀参会并作报告

[1] “Ye, M., Lu, W., and Xue, F. (2019). Diversity of   CSR practices in international markets: the role of host countries. In the   8th International Conference on Social Responsibility, Ethics, and   Sustainable Business, 24-25 October 2019, Braga, Portugal.   (Presenter-2019-Portugal)

[2] Ye, M., and Lu, W.S. (2018). The diversity of CSR   practices in various international markets. In 1st International Conference   on Construction Project Management and Construction Engineering, 3-6 December   2018, Sydney, Australia. (Presenter-2018-Australia)

[3] Ye, M., Lu, W.S., Xue, F., Flanagan, R., and Fang   D.P. (2017). ‘Local content’ of corporate social responsibility in   international construction. Working paper, presented at ARCOM 2017   Conference, 4-6 September 2017, Cambridge, UK. (Presenter-2017-UK)

[4] Ye, M., Lu, W.S., and Flanagan, R. (2016).   Corporate social responsibility localization in international construction   business. In Proceedings of the 21st International symposium on Advancement   of Construction Management and Real Estate, 14th–17th December 2016, Hong   Kong, China. (Presenter2016-Hong Kong)

[5] Ye, M., Lu, W.S., Flanagan, R., and Fang, D.P.   (2016). The paradoxical nexus between corporate social responsibility and   financial performance in international construction business. In CIB World   Building Congress 2016, May 30 – June 3, 2016, Tampere, Finland.   (Presenter-2016- Finland)

[6] Ye, M., Lu, W.S., Ye, K.H., and Flanagan, R.   (2015). How do top construction companies diversify in the international   construction market? In Proceedings of the 20th International Symposium on   Advancement of Construction Management and Real Estate, 23rd–25th October   2015, Hangzhou, China. (Presenter2015-China) Best paper award (ONLY)

[7] Ye, M., and Ye, K.H. (2013). Game Relationships   between the Stakeholders of Angola Mode-Based Construction Projects. In   International Conference on Construction and Real Estate Management, Oct   2013, Karlsruhe, Germany. (Presenter-2013-Germany)



硕士生课程:Project Management

PostgraduateProject   Management