Engineering and Operation Management
NIE Jiajia

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Southwest Jiaotong University

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Department of Engineering and Operation Management

No.111, North Erhuan Road, Chengdu, China 610031


A. 博士管理科学与工程,重庆大学, 2009

B. 学士会计学, 重庆大学大学,2004

A. Ph.D. Management Science   and Engineering, Chongqing University, 2009

B. B.S. Accounting, Chongqing University, 2004


A. 副教授, 西南交通大学经济管理学院, 9/2013   -

B. 讲师, 西南交通大学经济管理学院, 1/2010   - 8/2013

A. Associate   Professor, Southwest Jiaotong University, from 9/2013 -

B. Assistant   Professor, Southwest Jiaotong University, 1/2010 - 8/2013



Supply   chain management


a) Basic or   Discovery Scholarship学术类

[1] DOU   Xiao-le; GUO Qiang; LI Zeng-lu;NIE Jia-jia. Study of Dual-channel   Manufacturer’s Referral Strategies with a Dominant Retailer [J]. Operations   Research and Management Science, 2019, 28(10):192-199.

[2] JingLiu,JiajiaNie,Hongping   Yuan. To expand or not to expand: A strategic analysis of the recycler's   waste treatment capacity [J]. Computers & Industrial Engineering, 2019,   130: 731-744. (SCI)

[3] Xiaoge   Meng, Zhong Yao, JiajiaNie, Yingxue Zhao (corresponding author), Zenglu Li.   Low-carbon product selection with carbon tax and competition: Effects of the   power structure [J]. International Journal of Production Economics, 2018,   200: 224-230.

[4] Zongsheng   Huang, JiajiaNie (corresponding author), Jianxiong Zhang. Dynamic cooperative   promotion models with competing retailers and negative promotional effects on   brand image[J]. Computers & Industrial Engineering, 2018, 118: 291-308.

[5] Xiaoge   Meng, Zhong Yao (corresponding author), JiajiaNie, Yingxue Zhao. Make or buy?   It is the question: A study in the presence of carbon tax[J]. International   Journal of Production Economics, 2018, 195: 328–337.

[6] MinyueJin,   JiajiaNie, Feng Yang, Yu Zhou (corresponding author). The impact of third-party   remanufacturing on the forward supply chain: a blessing or a curse? [J].   International Journal of Production Research, 2017, 55(22): 6871-6882.

[7] Zongsheng   Huang, JiajiaNie, Sang-Bing Tsai (corresponding author). Dynamic collection   strategy and coordination of a remanufacturing closed-loop supply chain under   uncertainty[J]. Sustainability, 2017, 9(5): 1-18.

[8] Aditya   Jha, Kiran Fernandes, Yu Xiong, JiajiaNie, Neelesh Agarwal, Manoj K. Tiwari   (corresponding author). Effects of demand forecast and resource sharing on   collaborative new product development in supply chain[J]. International   Journal of Production Economics, 2017, 193: 207-221.

[9] YingxueNie,   jiajiaNie (corresponding author), Shao Jing. Business strategy analysis for   an advertising service supply chain: a study with the publication   industry[J]. Journal of the Operational Research Society, 2017, 68(12):   1512–1520.

[10] JiajiaNie,   Jianxiong Zhang (corresponding author). Distribution channel selection   considering advertising productiveness[J]. IMA Journal of Management   Mathematics, 2017, 28 (3): 437-450.

[11] Yuan   Shi, JiajiaNie (corresponding author), Ting Qu, Lap-Keung Chu, Domenic   Sculli, Choosing reverse channels under collection responsibility sharing in   a closed-loop supply chain with re-manufacturing[J]. Journal of Intelligent   Manufacturing, 2015, 26(2): 387-402.

[12] JiajiaNie,   Zongsheng Huang, Yingxue Zhao (corresponding author), Yuan Shi. Collective   recycling responsibility in closed-loop fashion supply chains with a third   party: Financial sharing or physical sharing?[J]. Mathematical Problems in   Engineering, 2013, 1-11.

[13] ZhongkaiXiong   (corresponding author), JiajiaNie. Optimal pricing and advertising   competition in two supply chains with deterministic demand[J]. International   Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management, 2009, 17 (3): 289-314.


a) Basic or Discovery Scholarship学术类

[1] 国家自然科学基金应急管理项目(71440016):消费者碳敏感下的外包决策与产品线设计,主持,2015-2015.

[2] 国家自然科学基金青年项目(71101120):再制造产品供应链的销售渠道选择与广告策略研究,主持,2012-2014.

[1] “Production line design and buy decision with   consumers” Received $3,3000 from the National Nature Foundation of China, in   China in 2011

[2] “Selling   Channel choice and advertising in supply chain with remanfuacturing” Received   $1,0000 from the Ministry of Education of Humanities and Social Science   Foundation in China in 2011





PhDAdvanced research in supply chain   management

PostgraduateSupply   chain management

MBACorporate   Finance

UndergraduatePrinciples   of Management