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Senimar: Jinghu Management Forum-How did Huawei make it?

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Date: May 22, 2021

Time: 19:30 pm

Venue: Room 0202, Teaching Building 0#, Jiuli Campus

Event Details:

Lecturer: Yang, Kun

About the Lecturer:

Yang Kun has served as Vice President, Country Representative, and General Manager of Huawei's Overseas Regions. He has cross-industry, cross-regional, and cross-cultural large-scale team leadership and tens of billions of business management practical experience. He personally participated in and witnessed Huawei's key process of development, from childhood to growing up, from domestic to global, and from chaos to governance.

About the Lecture:

Starting in the late 1980s, Huawei has grown from a small business who has only 20,000 RMB registered capital to a world-class leading company with annual revenues of trillions through only 30 years of sustained overspeed development. It is a development sample and learning benchmark for Chinese private enterprises.

Through an in-depth analysis of Huawei's struggle history, this lecture reveals the thought, logic and methodology of Huawei's leading soul and comprehensive strategic management. It has considerable reference value for enterprises at all stages of development, especially small and medium-sized enterprises with aspirations.

Lecture outline:

1. The dilemma of sustained corporate growth

The essence of the enterprise

Business life cycle

Five bottlenecks facing corporate growth

2. Decoding Huawei's Global Leading Way

Huawei's 30-year growth history from 20,000 to trillion

Long-term growth driven by strategy

The thought, logic and methodology of Huawei's strategic management

3. Reference value of Huawei's strategic management to SMEs

The growth dilemma faced by the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises

What SMEs learn from Huawei