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Lecture: Empirical Research from the Perspective of Financial Big Data—Based on RESSET Financial Research Database

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Date: May 20, 2021

Time: 19:00 - 20:00 pm

Tencent Conference NO.876512996

Event Details:

Lecturer: Liu, Shan (Senior Trainer of RESSET Data Products)

About the Lecturer:

Liu Shan, Master of Finance from Tianjin University of Finance and Economics, is currently a senior trainer of RESSET Data products, responsible for product training and marketing of RESSET Data in universities. She focuses on the development and application of database content, marketing plan planning, etc.. She has several years of experience in university database explanation and training and has participated in the training of database and application software in more than 40 university libraries or colleges such as Tsinghua University, Guanghua School of Management, Huaqiao University, Jinan University, Hunan Normal University, etc..

About the Lecture:

——What exactly are the data content in the RESSET database?

——How to find the required data efficiently and conveniently when doing scientific research and writing papers?

——How to effectively combine the empirical model and data?

——The amount of data in the database is too large. How to solve the problem that the calculation of derivative indicators is too troublesome?

The historical data of RESSET financial research database is complete and covers a wide range, including stocks, bonds, funds, research reports, margin trading, macro statistics, industry statistics, financial statistics, foreign exchange, futures, gold and other series. It can provide professional services for model testing, investment research, empirical research and discipline and laboratory construction.

The RESSET enterprise big data platform includes 15 professional database products such as industrial and commercial information database, investment and financing database, corporate credit database, judicial document database, intellectual property database, and recruitment database. Users can query, browse, analyze, and download data information that has been cleaned and standardized, and can be directly used in teaching and scientific research.

In order to enable teachers and students of Southwest Jiaotong University to efficiently find the required data in scientific research and thesis writing, RESSET will carry out training activities for the RESSET financial research database. In addition, it will also conduct training on the RESSET corporate big data platform (covering 200 million + dynamic information of market entities all over the whole country ).

The main content of the training includes the following aspects:

(1) Take you to understand the RESSET financial research database;

(2) What are the skills to find data efficiently;

(3) How to use the database to carry out empirical research;

(4) Features and advantages of RESSET database;

(5) Interactive Q&A.