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China's IPO Control Policy and Enlightenment

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Time: 14:30, October 20, 2020
Venue: Room 0411, Teaching Building 0#, Jiuli Campus



Event Details:

Lecturer: Assistant Professor Tang, Siyuan


About the Lecturer:

Tang, Siyuan, Ph.D. in Management, Tsinghua University, is currently an assistant professor in the School of Economics and Management of Southwest Jiaotong University. Her research areas include IPO, Supply Chain Information Disclosure of Listed Companies, and Human Capital and other corporate finance and capital market related research. She has published nearly ten papers in journals such as "Management World", "Financial Research", "Accounting Research", "Auditing Research", "China Accounting Review", and "China Journal of Accounting Studies".

About the Lecture:

China's IPO pricing reform has frequent policy changes, including the first-day price control in the secondary market and the issuance pricing control in the primary market, which has had a profound impact on China's capital market. The content of this lecture is mainly to summarize the IPO pricing control system of China's capital market, discuss relevant financial and accounting theories, share the experience of writing papers and submissions, analyze and prospect possible future research.