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Walk into SenseTime and Promote Cooperation between Industry, School and Research

Hits: Date:2021-04-25 11:22

In order to promote industry-school-research cooperation, support the construction of first-class majors in the Faculty of Information System of the School of Economics and Management, and provide teachers and students with a platform for learning, internship and scientific research, on the afternoon of April 20, 2021, the teachers in the Faculty of Information System, led by Professor Guan Zhenzhong, walked into Chengdu SenseTime Technology Co., Ltd. to explore a new model of school-enterprise cooperation in the new economy situation.

SenseTime is an AI unicorn with the highest valuation in the world. It is also the first "Intelligent Vision" national new-generation artificial intelligence open innovation platform designated by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, and it is also the world's leading artificial intelligence platform company. Chengdu SenseTime Technology Co., Ltd. was established in June 2018 and settled in the Chengdu Free Trade Zone in Sichuan Province. It is the first unicorn company introduced in Tianfu New District.

The person in charge of SenseTime introduced in detail the company's development history, main business and corporate culture, including facial recognition technology, SLAM and 3D vision, AI autopilot, and smart medical and other special businesses of the Chengdu team. SenseTime’s face key point detection technology realizes facial special effects, which facilitates facial effects, beauty, gesture recognition, front background segmentation and other functions for Douyin, Sina Weibo, FaceU, B612, etc. The person in charge invited teachers to experience facial special effects on site , and felt the changes in the facial expressions of the meticulous and vivid cartoon images. In terms of smart city construction, Chengdu Shuangliu Airport has taken the lead in introducing SenseTime’s SenseID authentication all-in-one machine into the security check. Through high-precision face recognition technology, it helps airport security personnel to compare passenger IDs. Not only that, in At the gates of the Chengdu subway, the SenseTime's face-brushing equipment can also be seen.

The teachers of the Faculty of Information System had a meeting with the person in charge of Chengdu SenseTime Technology Co., Ltd..  The two parties discussed issues such as scientific research cooperation, joint courses, and student internships. First of all, on behalf of the Faculty of Information Systems, Pro. Guan Zhenzhong expressed his gratitude to Chengdu SenseTime for the warm reception, and discussed the possibility of possible future scientific research cooperation with SenseTime. The teachers introduced their own research directions and put forward their own views on possible future cooperation directions and forms of cooperation. Finally, the person in charge of Chengdu SenseTime Technology Co., Ltd. once again expressed his gratitude to the teachers for their visit. Both parties agreed that there are good prospects for cooperation in MBA teaching, talent training, and scientific research cooperation in the future, and a long-term cooperative relationship should be maintained.